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Trying to cure my cynicism through art and other beautiful things. Mostly 35mm photographer, sometimes writer, sometimes singer, sometimes bullshitter. Original posts for the most part (photos will be dated or sourced), although l am an avid sharer of inspiring things as well. A jaded yet hopeful soul maneuvering my way through this modern world. Enjoy my disorganized mind.
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  • I Killed My Mother (2009)

    I watched this film while I was in the bath yesterday. The water was lukewarm at best by the time it was through, which coincidentally aligned with my feelings about the movie. It has the potential to be something deeply moving, but it lacks development in all of the places that need it the most. It was quite like sitting down to a full meal absolutely starved and  someone comes and takes away half of everything. I don’t know what I expected but until more than halfway through I just felt sorry for the mother for having a manipulative and hurtful son who passes himself off as some sort of troubled artist in order to not take responsibility for the fact that he is a brat. I guess I’m just disappointed because it could have been a comforting movie to anyone with difficult relationships with their mothers, but it wasn’t. And it could have been comforting for anyone who hasn’t come out of the closet to their parents, but it wasn’t. All of the aspects that could have made this film so much more were just sort of overlooked. Almost like you didn’t even  notice them happening. It had its moments, but that’s all they were. When it was over, I was lying in cold water, completely underwhelmed.

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      It’s not supposed to be fanciful or romanticize difficult relationships or coming out. It was meant to be real and have...